Monday, May 28, 2007

Here Comes the Sun...

Today i woke up and sat a bit in front of the pc. I wanted to write something funny,happy,cheerful..i wanted this week to start off differently since it ended on such a sad tone.

There is a good side when bad things do happen you helps you look at the good things with a larger thirst..a greater need..a bigger appetite. This is how I felt this morning. Even though i finished talking with a friend of mine at around 4 in the morning,i woke up at eight quite refreshed and not at all tired. It always helps when the last person you speak to at night gives you a positive feeling,dont you think?

After sitting out on the balcony for around an hour,staring at the rain falling and looking at the Parthenon that was hidden behind a veil of mist this morning,i decided that things are more than just ok. Even though they're not really, so many things to still figure out, i'm no better than i was a few months ago in the mixed up peice of thing that's in my head (and i'm not kidding myself anymore on this!),but even though all of this may sound a bit negative, the feeling i had was far from it. No negativity anywhere. I'll say it in a simple way. Everything is alright.

I like the rain. I like it when the sky is dark and gloomy and it's daytime. I like walking in the puddles when i'm coming home and i like getting my hair all's a refreshing feeling and somehow i feel at peace with it. But you know why i like the rain so much as well? It's quite simple actually..after the rain has done its thing and packed up its bags to leave, it's the sun's turn to come back up in the sky and liven everything back up. I expect it and welcome it with a warm smile. That's just the way it is.Just like this life of ours...the roundabout trip of ours called life.

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Pan said...

It is amazing when somebody passes to you a positive feeling. It is....requickening. Especially when the other has no idea whatsoever that he or she passed it to you!!!

industrialdaisies said...

Αχ, καλή μου, πόσο με έκανες να ανέβω με το κείμενό σου!

Είναι η συνειδητοποιημένη αισιοδοξία που κινεί τα ωραία συναισθήματα, όχι η χαζοχαρούμενη... Και η δική σου είναι τόσο όμορφη, τόσο ειλικρινής που μόνο καλό μπορεί να κάνει!!

Άντε, με το πρώτο ξεμύτισμα του ήλιου θα περιμένω αλλαλαγμούς γνήσιας χαράς!


2Σx2 said...

Ups and downs. Θα ήταν αφόρητα πληκτικά αν δεν υπήρχαν αυτές οι εναλλαγές. Τίποτα δεν υπάρχει χωρίς το αντίθετο του. Ωραία που είσαι καλά αν και συνήθως όταν κοιμάμαι μόνο 4 ώρες είμαι όλο νεύρα. Ο φίλος έκανε εξαιρετική δουλειά και όπως είπε και ο pan ειδικά από τη στιγμή που δε γνώριζε πόσο θετική επίδραση είχε στη ψυχολογία σου!
Καλό απόγευμα!

patsiouri said...

4 ώρες ύπνο και 3 παιδιά άν θυάμαι καλά....μας δουλεύεις, έτσι??? Είσαι ο superman!

Σπύρος Σεραφείμ said...

χαρά στο κουράγιο σου και στην αισιοδοξία σου!
μαζί σου είμαι!

weirdo said...

..the rain lifts me high.. Every time..
'..the roundabout trip of ours called life..'
I can feel you, my friend..
Πολύ-πολύ όμορφο....
Καλημέρα :)