Saturday, May 26, 2007

It Does Matter...

In answer to a question if it really matters if i write something or not about Amalia ,i answer..
it doesnt make any essential difference if i do write something about her or not..
it wont change things..
time wont go back..
if there is no such thing in this life as an 'after life' than she wont possible learn about how any of us feel..
but i cant say that..
and most importantly..
what i write matters to one person very much..
and that person is me.

In this life where people make their appearances..
some manage to stay for a long time..
others seem that they are just unjustly passerbys..
few are those who do make the difference..
those that have that special kind of 'shine' around them..
which blinds you though youre hundreds of meters away..
those that manage to 'touch' you without ever having sat next to you..
just for these few reasons it does matter that i write something about Amalia..
something so little compared to how much ive gained from her..

Ive always believed that if we manange to make a difference in atleast one person's life during our own lifetime,
than truley we have made the difference..
Looking at Amalia's blog and all the people she has 'touched' and 'shined on'..
words are not needed..

Til we meet again Amalia....
May you rest in peace...

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Pan said...

Above all

"Til we meet again Amalia....
May you rest in peace..."

My words exactly

demonia said...

Νομίζω ότι συμφωνώ...Κι είναι αρκετά αισιόδοξα αυτά που γράφεις :-)

Σπύρος Σεραφείμ said...

Till we meet again Amalia....

Socrates said...

Όλοι θα περάσουμε στην αιωνιότητα.Ζήτημα χρόνου είναι. Δεν διαφέρουμε τόσο από τους νεκρούς, όσο οι μηχανισμοί της φύσης και της ζωής μας κάνουν να πιστεύουμε. Ώρα σου καλή!

patsiouri said...

Ναί, καλή ανταμωση...ελπίζω ΑΥΤΟΙ να βρίσκονται αλλού...

lote alcarin said...

till we meet again..