Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just Call Me 'Clutter-Headed'...

I haven't been too well lately.
Mind wise i mean.
Different thoughts clutter my head. It seems as if things are thrown around in there..a thought here..another one there..just like when you go into your room and throw your clothing here and there because you just don't feel like putting them in the right place.
Most of the times i have scattered thoughts..must go hand in hand with my scattered brain i suppose. These thoughts are most of the time a comfort but sometimes they only just stay there,waiting for i have no idea what,but they just sit and let you think about them. sometimes excessive thinking truley does damage if not only to the brain,then to my well being generally speaking.
When things just get too messy up there in the top part of my head,i resort to drastic measures.
I try to organize everything else outside my head.
Last night,after finally finishing work and the extra stuff i do regulary,i managed to get home at around 12:30 in the evening. Instead of doing the most possible thing after being up from seven the previous day would be, i left the warmness of my home and went to my car to clean it. Just the interior but that alone took me around forty minutes. A huge bag of garbage and another one full of things that had 'wandered' accidentally into the car later,i went back home.
That wasn't enough though.
I still had no sleep so i started doing the next best thing..started cleaning out other desk,the CD/DVD drawers (which are always in a mess!!), my kitchen cupboards and the like, my bag (that would be an interesting post..'things that women have in their bags..if they dare to look that is!!')
The time had passed quite quickly and since everybody was still asleep,i couldn't do much more.
So i sat in my perfectly organized living room..
with the perfectly organized drawers and shelves..
I sat perfectly still...
and i thought to myself..
maybe since i got a bit of all this energy out of me it would help me sort out the mess inside my head..
to say it in Greek better..καλα κρασσα!!!
I couldn't handle anymore thinking..i'll leave that to the more brighter and more gifted intellectuals..that's their job anyways..
not mine..
so ill wait til everyone has woken up and do what every mature,sensible person does when they have things to think about and some decisions to make..
I'll fix the closets...

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Pan said...

'Most of the times i have scattered thoughts..must go hand in hand with my scattered brain i suppose.' How does a scattered brain looks like? I know everything about scattered thoughts, trust me, but i have no idea what so ever about scattered brains.
You're cleaning up at 12:30? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

tzotza said...

a scattered brain in one that does not work as one unit all the time..there is no picture documentation as of's still being looked into by science ;-))))

as for the cleaning,yup,i admit it,i'm pitiful...but atleast i have a clean house!!!(i finished at 4 btw!) ;-))))

Pan said...

Seriously now, a scattered brain exists?

tzotza said...

κοιτα,περα απο καποια κενα αερος που ΣΗΓΟΥΡΑ υπαρχουνε (σε μερικους πιο πολυ,σε αλλους λιγοτερα),νομιζω πως δεν γινεται να ειναι literally scattered and be alive to talk about it ;-)) (and this i know without having studied medicine!)

Pan said...

Fair enough!

Anasazi said...

Μακάρι να πάψω να αναρωτιέμαι τόσο πολύ, είχε λένε πει κάποτε ο Αϊνστάιν, σε μια κρίση κατά την οποία δεν άντεχε να τρέχει με 120 χιλιόμετρα στην αντίθετη λωρίδα πίσω από τα μυστήρια του Σύμπαντος. Κι εγώ κάνω τα χίλια-δυο πράγματα για να μη σκέφτομαι τελευταία, αλλά πάλι κατέληξα να κοιμηθώ στις 6 χθες, φρικαρισμένος. Δεν υπάρχει θεωρία, ο καθένας το παλεύει όπως του έρχεται...

tzotza said...

6 o'clock?και εγω καπου εκει παραδωθηκα..i suggest fixing your sock's great mind therapy!!! ;-))))

Siddhartha said...

Ε λοιπόν, εγω πιστεύω ότι ειναι τα μπλογκς. Από τη στιγμή που τα ξεκινήσαμε μας φέρνουν αϋπνίες.

Γεωργία απλά ως συμβουλή, μερικές φορές δεν είναι και άσχημο να κάθεσαι παρέα με τις σκέψεις σου. Βρίσκεις τρόπους και για να τις αντιμετωπίζεις, χωρίς να χριάζεσαι να τις αγνοήσεις. Ποιός μιλάει βέβαια, ο βασιλιάς του downιάσματος αλλά, anyway....

Σπύρος Σεραφείμ said...

hello... "Clutter-Headed"!!!

ggk said...

Χμμμ.... Καλή λύση αυτή με την τακτοποιήση πραγμάτων κτλ. κτλ. Λες ε; Θα το δοκιμάσω.. αν δεν με έχει πιάσει τεμπελιά όμως ταυτόχρονα (το πιο πιθανό βασικά).

david santos said...

I have a surprise for my friend in Greko in mine blog. I am very been thankful.
Have a good weekend

demonia said...

Πάντως,είναι μία αρκετά διαδεδομένη τακτική!Κι εγώ όταν παθαίνω αυτό που λες αρχίζω να τακτοποιώ τα βιβλία μου και τα ρούχα μου...Όχι ότι καταφέρνω τίποτα :-(

tzotza said...

dont look upon yourself as the sole king of downers..we all take turns at it once in a while!!(just for a bit though..μη το παρακανουμε!!! ;-)))

hello to you too old familiar voice from the past!!! ;-)))

η τεμπελια εχει και αυτη την χαρη της!!!i'm quite well acquainted with it too dear!!!(μη βλεπεις τωρα που μεχουνε πιασει τα downs μου και μαζευω!!!)

@david santos..
thanks..i'll check it out soon...

να σου πω ενα μυστικο? ουτε εγω καταφερνω τιποτα!!! ;-)))